Nikholis Planck

Open Time

January 8 - February 21, 2016

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David Armacost and Nikholis Planck: Open Time


January 8 – February 21, 2016
Opening Reception: January 8, 6 – 8 pm


Rachel Uffner Gallery is pleased to present solo exhibitions of new work by
David Armacost and Nikholis Planck. Often working within arms reach of each
other, the artists have mounted concurrent shows which are individually
articulated, yet share a similar interrogation of painting. To describe the
related narratives and processes evident in the work, the exhibitions are being
brought together under the title Open Time.


Open Time is synonymous with a window of opportunity or potential; in this
case an extended moment when the artist is especially receptive to creative
motivations and sensitivity, coming from within the self, or without. The works
on display here begin to build an alchemy of painting through the
development of both material interactions and psychic processes over time. In
each room, the artist establishes a unique navigation within painting by
layering personal experience and impulsive proposition.


Rachel Uffner Gallery’s two spaces will simultaneously play host to these
artists’ parallel narratives, continuing the trail of conversations, projects, and
installations that refine a self-referential approach in which past work is called
upon to produce new theatrical arrangements. A sense of urgency is
embedded in each exhibition, a fascination with performance, and an interest
in blurring the line where studio practice ends and public exhibition begins.

Nikholis Planck (b. 1987, Arlington, VA) has exhibited in solo, group and
collaborative exhibitions throughout New York and Baltimore. Stretching
across the media of painting, sculpture, performance and editions, Planck’s
work is firmly rooted in the repetitive act of transcription through drawing.
Recent projects include those at Simone Subal (New York), SIGNAL at NADA
Miami, and The Painter of Modern Life at Anton Kern Gallery (New York),
many of which have paired mixed media paintings with low platforms or stage
constructions. Planck has worked with numerous independent publishers to
produce printed material, and regularly self-publishes his work in book, print
and zine form. Recent projects in print include the self-published New
Recordings 115, and TWaFWotF co-authored with Bob Nickas.

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