NADA Miami 2019

December 5 - 8, 2019

Press Release

Rachel Uffner Gallery at NADA Miami 2019
Shara Hughes, Anya Kielar, and Roger White
December 5-8, 2019
Booth 5.03


Ice Palace Studios
1400 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33136


Rachel Uffner Gallery is pleased to present a 3-person booth featuring new works by Shara Hughes, Anya Kielar, and Roger White at NADA Miami from December 5-8, 2019. 
Shara Hughes' (b. 1981, Atlanta, GA) vibrant and imaginative landscape paintings are imbued with the artist's deep-seated knowledge of art history. Driven by intuition and abstract experimentation, Hughes utilizes a wide range of brushstrokes and materials, creating a balance of tension and harmony within the picture plane. The artist's radical and cerebral approach to painting permeates the works with a sense of freedom and a vitality hardly contained by the canvas. 
Anya Kielar's (b. 1978, New York, NY) practice continuously investigates the complexity of representing the female form and the transformations that occur in an individual throughout their lifetime. Drawing from a set of disparate sources and traditions, from the Art Deco movement to domestic folk craft, Kielar's work is characterized by a profoundly immersive studio process that emphasizes the sensitivity and intimacy of handmade objects. Fusing the artist's last several bodies of work, the shadow boxes incorporate hand-painted textiles and sculptural aspects simultaneously in a defiant embrace of forms and techniques traditionally coded as feminine.
Roger White's (b. 1976, Salem, OR) paintings depict iconography from everyday life, scenes that are seemingly mundane and quotidian but filled with tension and mystery beneath the surface. Each piece becomes an abstraction or fragmentation of the subjective experience of looking, on this new body of work White says, "Some of the paintings start as riffs on minor news items, or things I'm reading or listening to while working...I think that many of the paintings are about observing things while thinking about other things that aren't observable...Other works are about different measurements of time and feelings about the future."
In addition to this focused selection, we are excited to show a small selection of new work by gallery artists including, new paintings by Hilary Pecis (b. 1979, Fullerton, CA) which will be included in her upcoming solo exhibition at The Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, St. Augustine, FL; along with new work by Curtis Talwst Santiago (b. 1979, Edmonton, Alberta) who's upcoming solo show is opening at The Drawing Center, New York on February 19, 2020. We will also be bringing work by Leonhard Hurzlmeier (b. 1983, Starnberg, Germany) who's second solo exhibition Told Tales recently closed at the gallery, as well as kiln-formed glass works and paintings by Joanne Greenbaum (b. 1953, New York, NY) who's third solo exhibition with the gallery, I'm Doing My Face In Magic Marker is currently on view.