Garage Show

Bianca Beck, Sebastian Black, Carol Bove, Sarah Braman, Elaine Cameron-Weir, Alex Da Corte, Charles Harlan, Dan Herschlein, Jon Kessler, Zak Kitnick, Becky Kolsrud, Chris Martin, Sam Moyer, Borna Sammak

November 24, 2013 - January 19, 2014

Press Release

Above is a selection of artists, half made by Rachel Uffner and half by Jasmin Tsou, to come together in celebration of the upcoming opening of Rachel Uffner's new space located at 170 Suffolk Street and JTT's one year and 8 month birthday at 170a Suffolk Street.


The list of artists represents, in part, friends of the galleries and the community of artists that we support.


The show is housed in an adjacent lot that once served numerous incidental purposes: a scrap yard for cars that were dismantled and sold for parts, an old monument shop with a supply of marble and granite that used to engrave tombstones, and more recently a storage garage housing unmarked delivery trucks, scrap metal, and old beat up air conditioners, until its current and temporary purpose.