Frieze New York 2017

May 4 - 7, 2017

Press Release



May 4 – 7, Booth A20


Rachel Uffner Gallery is proud to present a solo booth of new work by New York-based artist, Joanne Greenbaum, at Frieze New York from May 4 – 7, 2017. The booth will exhibit the full range of Greenbaum’s practice, uniting large-scale paintings with drawings, sculptures, and artist books.


Expanding upon a Modernist study of color and structure, Greenbaum’s unique form of mark making creates narrative abstractions in which the artist’s handwriting is ever visible. What was always a private practice of creating work on a multitude of surfaces, including show invitations, sketchbooks, and ceramics, has recently become an important part of the artist’s public exhibitions. The decision to show these multi-media works in conversation with one another speaks to each unique practice being a directly connected extension of the other.


Greenbaum’s non-hierarchical handling of materials, such as marker, ballpoint pen, crayons, oil paint, and gouache, is utilized on all of these surfaces, including on porcelain sculptures. Her free use of paint and varied instruments of impression leaps off of one plane, bringing her marks into three-dimensional space through ceramics manipulated with a hand-glazing technique. This performance with materials is evident in the frenetic, yet calming motions repeated in the drawings, artist books, and spontaneously splashed canvases, each page and painting a process-based engagement with abstraction. A palpable energy courses through the work, soothing a seeming dichotomy between structure and gesture.


We are honored to present Greenbaum’s exceptional work at Frieze New York, 2017, reflecting her continued pursuit of the questions and possibilities in abstraction.


Joanne Greenbaum at Frieze NY in Format Magazine
May 13, 2017

Joanne Greenbaum at Frieze NY featured by Arcade Project
May 10, 2017

Joanne Greenbaum’s works take center stage at Rachel Uffner gallery, sharing the space with small colorful artifacts that the artist has assembled in the same lexicon as her engaging, large-scale paintings. Drawing the eye through both 2-D and 3-D abstract space, Greenbaum spares no expense to delight and titillate, managing to maintain both an unassuming and dominant presence at the same time. The booth succeeds as a result of the underlying aesthetic of the whole body of Greenbaum’s new works: works on view, from sculpture to painting, all stem from an interlocked visual language that manages to be timeless and fresh.