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Ditte Gantriis, Benjamin Hirte, Jacob Dahl Jürgensen, Saskia Te Nicklin, Rolf Nowotny, Michala Paludan, Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Lina Viste Grønli

March 8 - April 21, 2013

Press Release

Despite the fact that some home workers were this week ordered back to the office, we will continue to perform our services remotely. The office will remain a virtual one, stretching between here and Copenhagen. Until this point, only JPGs had been sent and received, though now some corresponding physical approximation has arrived.

Ditte Gantriis
—posters printed with the color image of a decorative plant familiar from offices and living rooms, hanging from a traditional aluminum list
—a large banner in a gradient color (cyan) combined with three silk screened prints on aluminum of fragmented cartoons from Danish adult comics


Benjamin Hirte
—an animated digital clock with symbols for hands, presented on a small vertical flat screen computer monitor: a heart for the hours, a wineglass for the minutes and a shovel indicating the seconds
—an old pair of working pants, turned into shorts, cut horizontally, rotated 180°, and put on a Styrofoam torso so that the back pockets are on the front, displayed on a low pedestal
—an upholstered stool, covered in canvas, in the shape of an ampersand (&)


Jacob Dahl Jürgensen
—four plaster vases produced with a 3D printer that are based on photographs of vases made in Delft, Holland in the 1600s, that were, themselves, local copies of imported and expensive Chinese porcelain vase designs
—computer generated screen prints on stretched Fruit of the Loom cotton T-shirts


Saskia Te Nicklin

—a waxed steel rod bent into the shape of a large U, based on the arched window in Albrecht Dürer's 1514 engraving Der heilige Hieronymus im Gehäus (Saint Jerome in His Study)


Rolf Nowotny
—six white T-shirts of various sizes, each printed with inkjet-transfer images of different vases in the artist's collection


Michala Paludan
—a double slide projection comprised of 77 slides purchased from the CalArts library, and 80 text slides (white text on black background)


Lasse Schmidt Hansen
—a series of four framed black & white photographs of the artist's workspace
—vertical office window blinds, to be hung from the ceiling


Lina Viste Grønli
—a triangular MDF monochrome in a chestnut frame
—two books, one with a fig placed upon it, the other a glass of milk, each of which requiring active nurturing to keep the perishable goods fresh


Organized by Tim Saltarelli